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  • Pen names are an effective way to separate out your different genres and your writings. It is also a good way to build up different fan bases for different genres of writing (but only if you need to separate them). You can publish under any name you wish, within reason, but for tax purposes, your […]
  • Kindle Unlimited, if you are a reader or writer is a scheme that has been designed to give another way to enjoy books as a reader, and as an author, another possible stream of income.If you’d like to sign up as a reader, it allows you access to the library on Amazon that has opted […]
  • The KENP is the pool available and the worth of each page read on any books registered AND read in the Kindle Unlimited pool of reads.Reads can make up a substantial amount of your income or it can be nothing. There are many ways to ensure that your book is read under the scheme, but […]
  • An ASIN is an Amazon Standard Identification Number and in many cases, it’s what most people use to publish their books, rather than an ISBN, as it’s free. The ASIN is the main way Ebooks are catalogued on Amazon. A book can have both an ASIN and an ISBN.
  • An ISBN is a unique identifier attached to your books, which you purchase from Bowker. This unique identifier is most often seen on print books and is how your barcode is formed, though it also allows listing, purchase in shops and more. Almost every country (bar, at the time of writing this, Canada) requires you […]

Why author communities are essential to success #writingcommunity #mondayblogs

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Advice | 0 comments

As Nanowrimo and some other projects approach, and as the season that most writers use to build their biggest sales, and followings approach – as many people get Kindle or eReader related gifts, while you should be focussed on your own community, including your street team and newsletter, it’s important too, to consider making author connections in the community itself.

Join up, share knowledge, ask questions!

The Indie Author Group was founded in 2011 to answer questions and offer an easy place for veterans to gather and nurture the community, and a decade on, we’re proud to still offer the same space. Whether you’re a complete newbie, you’re looking for information without being flooded with consistent advertising or you’re just seeking a friendly place to hang out, we’ve got you covered.

Our blog is in the process of being cleaned after a decade of content, but the group is a goldmine – from a list of people to follow and interact with, to service providers listing with us, and questions and answers on everything you can find. Most of all though, we’re one of the oldest author groups for indie authors on Facebook, and our moderators hold a collected 60+ years minimum of experience as writers.

Community is essential

One of the things that we believe is that community is absolutely essential. Whether it’s community as in those that you’re giving advice or getting it, I think community is ever more important in this environment. Writing is a solitary business – publishing is not. Even if it’s not just about getting advice, learning how to market or otherwise, it’s important to remember too that though we may write for ourselves, we also need to remember readers are our community, but aren’t the people we need to talk to about our writing. They are a part of it, but for the professional side, having a good, understanding, non-commercial based community to talk to is really important. And there are some of us on Facebook, of course, but we’d love you to join us on the Indie Author Group, and start conversations 🙂

See you there!

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