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Updated! And we’re looking forward! #mondayblogs

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Advice, Breaking news, Featured, Industry, News and views, Site announcements, social media, writing | 1 comment

Hi! Welcome back!
How do you like the redesign?

Firstly, the whole team wants to say hi, we’re delighted to have you along and whether you’re new or an old hand, we’ve been honored to serve and work with you to now, and hope that this new phase brings more great stuff!

The Indie Author Group is eleven, and we’ve redesigned the site, so I thought I’d talk about what you should expect to see going forward. Valerie, myself and the rest of the team have been discussing how to make IAG the one-stop shop that we’d love it to be, and the blog is, in my opinion, an integral part of that (though, I would, I love blogging!). Valerie and I have talked in depth about it though, and we’ve got a pattern we’d like to try, so here goes 😉
While the site is still being updated, and worked on, we’ve started the new blog up to get started up so that people could access some of the new information available out there. From pre-publishing, all the way through to promotion, we’ll be writing about every aspect of indie author life that we can help you with.

And with that, we need YOUR help.
What would you like to see? Not only can you ask questions on the group, but you can ask us to write up content and offer information on the things that might be troubling you. We’ve created some great guides, including how to self-edit, and our ten hour marketing plan (which is due it’s update next week!), so we’re hoping to give you one place to find all the critical information you need to make your career rock!

Exclusives and more

Every Friday, there will be at least one exclusive, IAG specific article, that is for our site. These articles will be in series’ or from questions, or a mix of both. We’ll be covering the important stuff that comes up, for now once a week, as an exclusive article. We’ll also be pulling in some of the best blogs, and content written by trusted sources to talk about extras in the community. And we’ll also be putting up more short form answers on TWIRL.

New stuff!

We do have some fun new items on the list too. While some are still being worked on and rolled out, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be running a weekly roundup of our blog posts, other interesting news, and more for authors once week on Fridays.

Join here! (it’s free, on Substack!)

Finally, we’ve added a questions form!

If you’ve got a question or concept or series of articles you’d like us to cover, we’d love to hear from you! Head on over to our form and ask! (or ask on the group, we’ll pick up stuff that we can add to on there too!)

Next week, we’ll be starting *right* at the beginning – some great ways to get inspiration, and why your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be drafted!

See you then!

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1 Comment

  1. Hannah

    YAAAAY! You’re back and you look fabulous!
    How cool!
    Thanks to Valerie and your team, I’ve just published my 15th book under a pen name, and I have been able to allow my hubby to retire from a job that was literally killing him.
    I write under a nom de plume, but….I did want to say thank you


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