The four E’s of Indie publishing

There are four e’s to indie publishing – four elements that just can’t be skimped on, or you’ll destroy yourself. ¬†That destruction will come from poor reviews, and your image, once damaged, is really difficult to repair. ¬†Once you’re known as a writer that doesn’t care about his/her product, though you’ll still gain readers, there […]

How to be a new writer

  There are so many decisions to be made it can seem overwhelming. The first and best advice I can give you to start is this – stop worrying and just write. Then write some more. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the process whether you’re a plotter – you have to outline – or a pantser – […]

How to Create a Book Cover – Cheap and easy

Cover art requires a little creativity but if you’re a reader (and you must be if you write) you have lots of samples around you in the books you’ve read. Find a cover by a writer whose style is similar to your own, or the style of book you wrote, and look for art like […]