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To goal or not to goal?

Hi guys! It’s a whole new year, and we’re planning all sorts of good things for you, but today, I wanted to touch on goals. Back to… Today seems to be the day for us to all be back at ‘work/writing/life’. The holidays, however, they were, are over and I’m on the fence about whether to goal or not to goal. I do, but I know others on the team don’t, so I thought I’d...


Indie author group roundup, week ending 26th January

Welcome to this weeks’ ‘weekly round up’. Featured moderator of the week is Valerie – please pop on over to her profile and say hiya, ask a question, let her know about your favorite book of hers. She loves to talk to other writers and readers! It’s been a busy week here at IAG HQ, with blog updates and new features for writers that blog for us regularly.  Now your profile can include your Amazon...

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Keeping the community honest

At the Indie Author Community, one of the things we’re very keen to help support is the idea that the community has standards of some description – and that while we don’t suggest internal policing, bringing to light some of the issues indie authors face, because, by knowing about them, we can know what to watch out for, and support those caught in the trap of negative issues (such as carpet bombing) and ostracize those...