Our Guidelines

The guidelines for the blog are simple.

You can submit without signing up, so please don’t feel you’ve got to register.  We do reserve the right to reject articles, based on your writing, and your behaivour on our groups (in other words, if you’ve been asked to stop spamming, we won’t run your article, no matter how good.  If you’ve been involved in negative conversations and your article ‘bashes’, it won’t run.  We reject articles simply because we don’t need content like that.  If I do reject your article, I will email it back to you, but please do not submit again.).

You can submit using our form.  Regular writers will get their own logins, which I will arrange seperately.

Once you’ve done so, the only rule is please don’t submit:

  • Direct advertising
  • Venue bashing (in other words, if you don’t like Amazon, that’s your choice, but your article has to be impartial)
  • Articles that aren’t evidence based (link your sources please!)
  • Author interviews
  • Book reviews
  • Non-writing related articles.

Currently, we’re asking that people should only submit a maximum of three articles (features) or posts before we decide if they’re keeping them on.  We reserve the right to convert your article to a page if it’s better as a tutorial, and I reserve the right to edit for content.  If you cannot agree to this, please don’t submit.

Continue to see what we’re offering in return for your articles.

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