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Rik Hall

Rik Hall retired from full time work at University of New Brunswick in 2005. Since then he has provided Educational Technology support as well as taught a senior course at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB where he lives with his wife Linda. He is the past president of The Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada, (AMTEC) as well as a staff adviser on digital learning with the CPS – Canada’s safe boating organization.Rik was the Manager of the Instructional Technology within the Integrated Technology Services at the University of New Brunswick for seven years. His background includes 15 years as a classroom teacher and 19 years in educational technology and has been actively involved in eLearning and the World Wide Web as a designer, trainer, speaker and instructor since 1995.

Rik was honoured by the Instructional Telecommunications Council in Austin Texas as the Outstanding Canadian Distance Educator for 1999. Rik chaired and ran the first conference in the world dedicated to Teaching and Learning on the Web. The NAWeb Conference series ran for ten years. For his work with eLearning. Rik was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the president of UNB.

Rik still works and consults in a support capacity for eLearning and instructional technology. In addition, Rik has found himself front and centre in the new revolution within the publishing industry. Rik has been formatting, writing and editing both fiction and non-fiction for dozens of authors from around the world. He is also a moderator on the well populated Indie Authors Group on Facebook.
When Rik isn’t formatting, editing, designing, or developing in the eWorld, he spends time with his best friend of 43 years, Linda. Summers are spent on their sailboat, aptly named Mystery, with their cat, Captain Hook. They have two children and five grandchildren.

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