D Kai Wilson-Viola

D Kai Wilson-Viola, or Kai is a veteran writer with a career that spans print, blogging and ebooks. Moderating on various sites for writers, she spends her time playing with code, editing, writing and offering social media advice.
You can always tell someone’s been writing a long time when she shakes her head and says ‘and that’s not all of them’. Kai’s been writing so long, she swears her pen names have pen names, and she’s only listed a few of them.At 33, she’s been writing for close to 30 years, and published for nearly 20.

She’s also the moderator/managing editor here, and manages and periodically changes the design of the site. Questions can come to her at kaiberworks at gmail.com

When not writing or blogging, she’s often found knitting, playing games and more.
Her main blog is Authorinterrupted, though she also works at Indiereaders and The Finishing Fairies. Her new blog, Wilderness Apocalypse, is shared with a friend and focusses on horror as a genre – books, games, movies and other media.

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