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Got a question for us?

Have you got a question about something you’d like to know about, or feel hasn’t been covered in the author community that you’d like to suggest as a topic for TWIRL or the main site? We’d love to hear from you!

Please fill in this form and ask your questions.

The only thing we ask is that you don’t submit your own articles (we’ll be opening to submissions later in the year) and that you don’t ask a question that’s focused only on your career. If it’s about a press, or publisher, contract or something that would be so narrow that it would only apply to you, we ask that you find a way to ask it in a way that would aid the whole community.
We don’t accept scam warnings, or requests to ‘name and shame’, and we can’t answer all questions, but we’ll do our best!

This is a two page form. Your information, to track who asked, and the question or questions themselves. You can submit as often as you like, but we don’t mind if you ask multiple questions on one form.

Thank you in advance for adding to the items we should be focusing on to support YOUR career, and that of our communities!