What’s in it for me?

A lot of our members have asked if there’s any reason they should publish with us.
Short answer – it’s your choice.


Long answer – If the idea of giving back to the group isn’t enough, there are other things that have been set up.  You will automatically publish to at least three pages  plus the group itself.  That’s broad exposure on it’s own, but contributors can also earn other things, plus shares to our twitter and Pinterest board.

On your articles, from day one, you are allowed up to three links.  These are valuable real estate on a blog that’s read by over 5000 people weekly.  Those that submit three approved articles or more are also given their own logins, and from there, you get an updatable bio, plus social media links and more.

Writers that consistently contribute ‘good content’ will also get a spot on the link list – our own blogroll of must read blogs and resources.  You’ll be considered for this at five articles, along with a celebratory interview.  Plus we’ll promote your articles and content when we’re doing roundups and more.

Consistently contributing will also allow you first access to other ‘stuff’, but it’s not just about dangling carrots.  Most of all, we’re just happy to have you write for us.