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We’re so glad you’re considering submitting an article to us.

We’d love for you to submit articles of at least 300 words, excluding your bio.  Articles of more than 1000 words submitted may be broken down into multiple parts, if possible, or rejected if not.  (this does not count if a member of the moderator’s team on the group have asked you to submit a specific piece).

Please note – all posts are reviewed and queued based on current content needs.  You will be emailed to be told whether we’re using your content or not, and a date for publication.

At the end of the article, please type the following, changing the content in brackets for your own personal information.  Your email and requested username will not be published, it’s for my reference and to log your articles internally:

About (your name)
(five line bio with up to three links to your books/blog/facebook profile).
If you have any specific suggested keywords, please include them here – bonus points if you look up the category, and submit that with the post too.

If this is your third submit, (unedited or not returned) post or more….

Your email:
Requested username:

I will get in touch with you and explain what will happen – we are letting people basically work as contributors once we’ve checked they can submit and follow our basic rules (which are listed in the same menu as this), but it’s at the discretion and editing time spent by the team, so it’s not a given 🙂  Hopefully though, you can come join in!

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The legal bit

In submitting your post, you warrant that you are not uploading or sharing anything damaging to another person, the blog, or the team.  You submit, understanding that this is a non-paid blog (because it’s a shared resource) and it, like the FAQ are at the Co-founder’s discretion as to whether to accept content.  You understand that we prefer reprints, because then we’re not hogging your article and dinging your site, but that we do hold any reprints so that our site has a good distribution.  Most of all, we do not accept articles which promote:

Books in the main body
Share affiliate links in the main body
Promote crowdfunding of any kind
Suggest not committing to professional services on books, or online presence
Promotes hosting, plugins, services or otherwise.

(except in the bio of the article).
Finally, all articles are subject to strict approval and editing, and we do not return rejected articles, so please keep a copy before hitting submit.

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