Author: D Kai Wilson-Viola

New feature – Saturday Stuff to try – Tsu

Editor’s note – if you’ve got a ‘stuff to try’ article, we’d love to see it.  Just hit the contact page.  This blog is already distributed to several groups on Facebook for writers, and as I co-founded and look after the blog, the biggest indie writer’s discussion group on Facebook’s blog,   It was […]

How to send your new subscribers information – Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an incredibly powerful tool – whether you’re using it as the free version, or the paid version, you can do a couple of really neat things with it. One of the most powerful is welcoming new subscribers.  Paid Mailchimp subscribers can set up auto responders to send out an email to subscribers as […]

Five tips to increase your reach on Facebook

Facebook recently announced an update to the Facebook algorithm, which triggered lots of complaints in various places. One of the most interesting articles (and one of the pieces with the most discussion on this in various places ) was “New Facebook Rules will Sting Entrepreneurs“. What was interesting though was that not everyone actually saw […]

Promoting Until Your Fingers Bleed

I began writing full time since 2009 and have managed to give myself carpal tunnel while trying to promote.  The writing always came easy, it was promotion that took up the majority of time.  I’ve done free promos, spammed my facebook, twitter, and blog with information about book releases, and what...

The Indie author group resources

We talk a lot about ‘the group’, so I thought I’d do a post about the resources we have and the best way to access everything we do.  So if you’re looking for a supportive, information loaded group, then we’ve got you covered. Our Facebook Group | Our Twitter | Our Facebook Page | Our Pinterest...

The Indie Author’s Quick guide to Facebook (part 1)

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms available to writers, and with all of the options it has,  it’s unsurprising that people find it overwhelming and difficult to understand. This article will explain the differences between all of the different options, and how to access them.  Part 2 will give...

The Indie Author’s quick guide to Twitter

In a new feature, we’ve decided to provide some quick guides to various social networks, from our social media based moderator (Kai).  Remember too, that we have our own Twitter and Facebook page, and will be launching a Pinterest profile for our members soon! The Quick guide to Twitter Twitter...