Have your words checked.

Hello indie writer.

You want to look good from within your books, right? A great story, a catchy plot, fabulous characters, the works, right? Go at it, write the thing, make it the best you can. And after that you have to give the story away.

Why? Because you don’t see everything. You don’t see your own mistakes.

Give the story to beta readers, people who will point out what’s wrong, bad, stupid and weak. Fix your story. Then give it away. Give it to an editor who’s going to help you with “you’re problems”, “there situation”, who can point out that having an “affect” on people isn’t what you mean to say.

Yes, you make these mistakes. Why do I know that? Because I make them too. And even worse: I see them in other people’s books. To my sadness I see them in other indies’ books.

I need to stress this here and now because I’m currently reading an indie book. It’s a great story, fabulous characters and an interesting idea. Science-fiction with cyborg-like people is right up my alley, but the things I see in it sometimes make it hard to continue reading.

You may have laughed at the examples I wrote down up there, with “you’re problems“. It is in the book. Also somewhere I found “It sounds like your certain.” Did you spot the problem?

The worst thing I hit so far however is: “a scratch she couldn’t itch“.

Can we agree that beta readers or an editor would have caught this? I think so. Do you agree that indie writers need editors?

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