What to write. For writers and the like.

Dear writer, Maybe you already have a very clear image of what you want to write. If so, power to you. If you have not such a clear image, power and pictures to you to get the image you want. I’m going to try and put down some help here for you. Help that I […]

Is my next book good enough, or: writer’s anxiety

Dear reader/writer, You may not have this problem, the worry if your next book will be good enough. Maybe you do. No one is judging you on that but I do want to address the issue. So what is the problem? You wrote a book. It is a good book. You know that and your readers […]

Have your words checked.

Hello indie writer. You want to look good from within your books, right? A great story, a catchy plot, fabulous characters, the works, right? Go at it, write the thing, make it the best you can. And after that you have to give the story away. Why? Because you don’t see everything. You don’t see […]

Our groups and subgroups, and the award winning project!

EXTRA, EXTRA! The Indie Author Group has won a Preditors and Editors award! We were voted BEST DISCUSSION FORUM, 2014! And while we’re here – would you like to join some new writer’s groups? Our main writers groups are our closed one – Indie Author Group Our open group is smaller, but just as friendly […]