So you’re a writer. Then be one.

Dear reading writer,

typewriterA while ago I had a very interesting and eye-opening talk with someone. Before I go into this, let me ask you a question. How many of you look at yourself as a real author/writer? With this I mean a writer like Stephen King, Agatha Christie, George R.R. Martin, Jackie Collins and others in that range of fame? If you do then you can stop reading here, there’s nothing new for you then.

If you don’t – like I don’t – then here’s the thing: Start acting like one. Stop seeing yourself as someone who struggles to put out a book and then worries about promotion and sales. (Once the book is out, tell the world about it in a proper way. Don’t spam. But that’s not the point of this post.)

Believe it or not, but the people who buy, read and like your book look at you as a small George Martin, as the next Jackie Collins (depending on your genre). You’re not the person who could live down the street who put together this reading thing. No. You are the author of the book.

Do you look up at film stars and writers, then put yourself in the position of being looked up at for a moment, and think of the people who read your work as you. They look up to you, because you are the writer. The author.

I’ll leave it at this. Think about it. Try to see the change in mindset that you have to push yourself into.

Maybe you are afraid that you will fall into delusions of grandeur because of this and that’s the reason you don’t do it. Well, forget that. Delusions will happen anyway if you’re up for those. You’ll be you. Just dare to put on the writer-crown (not hat. Crown) and wear that with pride. You do something special. Dare to act like it.

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