Four things indie writers need to stop doing right now

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12 Responses

  1. I’d add to that last one the even more passive aggressive approach where someone leaves a review of your book, unsolicited, and then messages you to say “hey, I’ve reviewed your book, now you should review mine” which is especially mean because you feel terrible if you don’t. leaving a review for someone should never be part of a bargaining tool or something you consider as payment. Leave a review if you loved (or hated, or were indifferent about) a book and want to share that with other readers. Would you tweet Lee Child to tell him you’d just reviewed his book and why the hell isn’t he reviewing yours? Of course not. So treat other authors with that same respect.

    • Kai says:

      Yeah – there’s variations of all of these that we all encounter. I’ve really found it quite sad to see everything that people were telling me had been happening when I first started talking about this.

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