I began writing full time since 2009 and have managed to give myself carpal tunnel while trying to promote.  The writing always came easy, it was promotion that took up the majority of time.  I’ve done free promos, spammed my facebook, twitter, and blog with information about book releases, and what I really got from all that was some really great people to talk with.   Most of my friends today were once readers of my blog or books.

If I thought one magical thing worked, I guess I’d say Book Blog Tours.  But those haven’t always worked either.  Finding the right book tour is like pulling a needle from a haystack.  Honestly it was one book that changed my writing career, and it was a really devestating loss when I pulled it off the shelves.  Can a negative become a positive?  Absolutely.  That book loss gave me the determination to write an even better book and make it sell even more numbers than the one I was forced to take down.

So what magical thing really works?  Writing more books.  I remember thinking people were crazy when they said that.  The more books you’ve got out there being sold, the better chance you have of having readers discover you. I think any author that writes believes their book is better than the number one bestseller.  The truth is it might be, but if people aren’t buying it, then it doesn’t matter how good it is.  Increasing the odds by having several books out there for sale, means the chances of having readers fall into a trance over your work is more likely.

Let me add to the above by saying if you’ve got more books out there, you can also put them into a book bundle and attempt to sell them that way.  If you’ll take a look at Amazon, you’ll see those are really doing well at the moment.  A bestselling book is just as much about luck as it is talent!  My background was in music before writing and the same fact was true.  There were millions of talented people out there and some that I’d seen perform were better than the superstars.  That wonderful luck just allowed those artists to get the spotlight.

So you can promote until your fingers bleed, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t promote, or you can keep writing books and hopefully one day you’ll get your name on the top of bestseller list.  One thing I will add.  Getting yourself in the habit of putting down 5,000 words a day definitely isn’t going to hurt your chances!

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