Facebook Traffic – Boost vs Giveaways

Many of you, I have seen, post questions regarding Facebook Boosts/Ads, how to use them properly, are they worth it, etc.

I did an experiment using two different forms. Number one was paying $10 to Facebook Ads, number two was offering two $5 Amazon gift cards to fans (again, only $10).

Here is what I came up with:

Experiment One (Using a Facebook Boost)

On 5/13 I paid the $10 to reach potentially 850 to 1500 fans and their friends. I waited to boost the post until later in the day (where it had already received about 120 views according to the stats).

Once I boosted it, the stats changed and said that only 25 of those views were actual fans, the remaining 95 were ‘paid boosts’ (so instantly my money was already dwindling and I had just boosted it).

How is that possible when I had 125 before I even decided to boost? Obviously, something is wrong with this system (or at least it was on the day I chose to do my experiment).

The boost ran for three days. It says it received 656 views (which it had originally projected 850 to 1500), only one click and 16 likes/shares (it bulks those together). And I did not receive even one new fan.

Experiment Two (Using my own giveaway)

On 5/23 I paid $10 (two $5 gift cards along with ARCS of my book) to giveaway to two lucky fans.

To enter, they needed to ‘like’ the post, then they needed to tag a friend in the comments because it was a ‘you win, your friend wins’ giveaway (they had the option of tagging as many friends as they liked, but only one friend per comment so I would know who the two winners were when I drew). They also had to be a fan of my author page (the page the giveaway was taking place on).

The result was much different than the previous. The giveaway ran for three days. It received over 2,700 views, 358 clicks, over 1,500 likes/shares AND I also received 110 new fans (none of which have left) and sold several books on Amazon and Createspace.

Now, I have heard from some that Facebook boosts tend to work for them, and that is wonderful!  However, if you are frustrated or not having any luck with them, this could be worth a try.

By sharing your $10 with your fans, you are giving back to them and you know you are getting interaction.

Most importantly, anyone considering a promotion like this must keep the giveaway in line with the rules of Facebook.  You certainly don’t want to lose your page just because you didn’t know one of the rules.

~ Author Suzanna Lynn

Suzanna is a full-time mom of three beautiful, energetic children and lives in the Ozarks of Missouri. Growing up, she wandered the fields and woods surrounding her childhood home, imagining them to be filled with fairies, dragons, and all number of creatures. Having not lost that imagination, Suzanna continues to bring those stories to life by putting pen to paper which you can find on Amazon.

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