Aspiring writers

You’ve probably heard the phrase, or perhaps even used it yourself. “I’m an aspiring writer.”

The free dictionary says this about aspire:

intr.v. as·pired
1. To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongly: aspired to stardom.
2. To strive toward an end: aspiring to great knowledge.
3. To soar.

If you are an ‘aspiring writer’, please stop being one. Be a writer or be no writer.  How can you strive to be a writer when you don’t write, or don’t write enough? If you insist you’re an ‘aspiring writer’, please explain to me how you define that middle ground between someone who is no writer and someone who is a writer? Do you have half a manuscript that needs to be finished before it can be published? Then you’re a staggering writer, one who needs his or her behind kicked to get the bloody thing done.
Sit your rear down and write, one word after the other. Like Neil Gaiman does, like Chuck Wendig does, like J.K. Rowling did when she wrote the Harry Potter books and George R.R. Martin when he wrote those tomes that make Game of Thrones.
If you feel you can’t finish the thing then throw it away and start something you can finish. If you run aground again then throw the thing away and stop trying. Stop wasting your time and be content to be a happy reader who tried.
Don’t be an aspiring writer. Write or don’t write. If you don’t or can’t write then writing’s not for you. There is no shame in that. Maybe skydiving is for you, or mountain biking. That’s not for me. Writing’s for me. Care to join me in that? You’re more than welcome!

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