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  1. Great idea – I’m @jamiefriesen. Why should I be included? Why not? Seriously, I’m an indie writer.

  2. sue says:

    I write, paint, and create. I love words, books, poetry.

  3. Kai says:

    As you can see, if you use the twitter button above, or retweet the Tweet above, you’ll appear here within a few hours. Once approved, you can add your comment like this:
    @IAGtweets, we share the best of the indie community, as we see it passing our feed. Blog posts, information and more, we try to keep with the pulse of the community.

  4. Trine Daely says:

    Now a why, huh? I’m really good at this. I’m sometimes funny (I think), sometimes serious, and don’t post all that much, because I tend to forget about Twitter a lot. But here I am anyway because I should ease back into my writing life.

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