The Indie Author’s quick guide to Twitter

In a new feature, we’ve decided to provide some quick guides to various social networks, from our social media based moderator (Kai).  Remember too, that we have our own Twitter and Facebook page, and will be launching a Pinterest profile for our members soon!

The Quick guide to Twitter

Twitter is a basic social network where you can post tweets, which are 140 characters or less.  Tweets are designed to be short and sweet – they can contain hashtags (sort of like categories) and mention other members of twitter by username by using the @ symbol.  Your tweets can also be retweeted, you can follow people and place them on lists.

Signing up to Twitter

Twitter is easy to sign up for – all you need is a unique email address and a username.  That said, there are many limitations on usernames, mostly down to length and availability – Twitter is now a huge network, so even if you’re the same username everywhere else and don’t yet have a twitter account, you MAY not get the username you want. Continue reading

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