Weekly roundup, week ending 19th January

Last week’s roundup

Every week, one of the IAG moderators will round up what’s gone on, on the group and in the Indie community as a broader view.  If you’ve been busy writing, editing, or promoting, let us catch you up and find conversations and blog posts that should interest you and dive into the information you’re really keen to see.

On the group

Nikki Broadwell started a conversation about Createspace versus LSI last month, which concluded here.  All great information if you’re stuck with the decision.
Valerie Douglas shared a link discussing Pintrest and what it can do for writers.
Denise McGee shared a ‘How to write a one page synopsis’
Alison S Moore asks how a writer can get the most out of Goodreads
Brian Margraff asks whether free or deeply discounted is better (there will be at least one post on that in the coming weeks on the blog!)
We discussed an Eventvwr scam, raised by Valeire Douglas
KDP formatting tips from Rik

Resources and more

We’ve been cleaning up and setting up discussions on the Subgroups.  Come join us and see if there’s anywhere you’d like to join!

On the Blog

We launched our Twitter listing – come and join in (but read the instructions first!)
Formatting by Paul Kater
The Four E’s of Indie Publishing, by D Kai Wilson-Viola
The blog Two Midlist Indies merged into the archives 🙂

In the community

A great article from Bookbub partners – 5 Test Results To Help You Market Your eBook
Hugh Howey’s 13 Publishing Industry fixes

Repinnable images

Posted by Valerie Douglas, originally from the Random House page.



Until next week,

Indie Author Group Twitter list

As many of you are probably aware, we’ve got an active and bustling twitter list, that we keep up to date and retweet indie authors worth reading, along with posts from our members.  Ordinarily, we’d keep the list in the Facebook group, but we thought we’d try something else.

Would you like to be listed on our Indie author list?  Follow the instructions below.

1.  Log into twitter.
2.  Follow http://twitter.com/IAGtweets, http://twitter.com/Kaiberie and http://twitter.com/ValerieDouglasA .  You can also find more members that listed from the group at https://twitter.com/IAGtweets/lists/indie-author-group
2. Tweet using the button at the bottom of this page.
3.  Comment with your twitter username, and a brief blurb about why people should follow you.  Your blurb post HAS to be below your tweet, and cannot contain any other links bar Twitter.  It’s ok to mention books by name, but please, no Amazon links.
Do not simply comment with your follow information – we’d like to spread our reach to others, and that’s where the tweet first rule comes in.
4.  While you’re waiting for your comment to appear, head on over to twitter and follow the others that catch your interest.

If this works, we’ll set up other ones.  It will work until we mark it as comments closed, so please check the comments before joining in and follow some people while you’re waiting for your comment to appear 🙂

*edit, as each tweet/retweet doesn’t start a new thread, as soon as you’ve tweeted, you’re welcome to comment!



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