Your author bio – compelling ways to brand

One of the major things that many authors don’t think about is what they should say about themselves in their bio. And to be honest, there isn’t anything you shouldn’t include, other than ‘and keeps getting poor reviews’.

First or third person

One of the most important initial questions that you should ask is if you’re writing your bio in first or third person. Most authors write in third person (Since picking up a pen, she… ). It seems to be the recognised way to talk about yourself, and you should open up with a compelling reason for people to read you over anyone else. Once you get awards, you could mention ‘award-winning’ but don’t fall into the trap of describing yourself as ‘bestselling’ unless you actually are – bestselling is now an ‘off’ word on bios, becuase Amazon’s ranking, though really neat, makes it almost meaningless. Continue reading

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