The Indie Author’s Quick guide to Facebook (part 1)

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms available to writers, and with all of the options it has,  it’s unsurprising that people find it overwhelming and difficult to understand. This article will explain the differences between all of the different options, and how to access them.  Part 2 will give you some promotional ideas and […]

Pinterest – A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially with Pinterest. This is where having a great cover makes a tremendous difference.  An intriguing cover will draw the interest of Pinterest viewers As with all social media, though, it is social media. It’s not just about promoting your books, but about getting to know you, the author, so you […]

Indie author group roundup, week ending 26th January

Welcome to this weeks’ ‘weekly round up’. Featured moderator of the week is Valerie – please pop on over to her profile and say hiya, ask a question, let her know about your favorite book of hers. She loves to talk to other writers and readers! It’s been a busy week here at IAG HQ, […]

The Indie Author’s quick guide to Twitter

In a new feature, we’ve decided to provide some quick guides to various social networks, from our social media based moderator (Kai).  Remember too, that we have our own Twitter and Facebook page, and will be launching a Pinterest profile for our members soon! The Quick guide to Twitter Twitter is a basic social network […]

Weekly roundup, week ending 19th January

Last week’s roundup Every week, one of the IAG moderators will round up what’s gone on, on the group and in the Indie community as a broader view.  If you’ve been busy writing, editing, or promoting, let us catch you up and find conversations and blog posts that should interest you and dive into the information […]

Indie Author Group Twitter list

As many of you are probably aware, we’ve got an active and bustling twitter list, that we keep up to date and retweet indie authors worth reading, along with posts from our members.  Ordinarily, we’d keep the list in the Facebook group, but we thought we’d try something else. Would you like to be listed […]

The four E’s of Indie publishing

There are four e’s to indie publishing – four elements that just can’t be skimped on, or you’ll destroy yourself.  That destruction will come from poor reviews, and your image, once damaged, is really difficult to repair.  Once you’re known as a writer that doesn’t care about his/her product, though you’ll still gain readers, there […]

Merging sites and more

One of the major things we quite like to do at the Indie Author Group is make sure that we’re offering the best of our content to everyone.  Over the last few years, we (Valerie and I) have ran two seperate blogs that we’ve recently decided to merge down. So, when you visit both the […]

E-book formatting 101. When you’re new to this all.

Dear reader, I don’t consider myself an expert on formatting e-books, yet so far I’ve done a reasonable job on my own. I’ll let you in on the trick to my “success”. There are a few things to remember when you’re formatting an e-book: 1. It is not a paperback or a hard-cover. Well, that’s […]

Dialogue – are you doing it right?

Dialogue plays an important part in connecting your readers to your story. Good dialogue helps a reader hear the voices of your characters and creates an additional layer of context and tone. But, effective dialogue doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mirror every day conversations. In our daily speech patterns, we stammer, stall, get distracted, and often end […]