Your new to-do list – what should it include?

109/365 Goals

109/365 Goals (Photo credit: Vinni123)

So, now you’re looking at the ‘clean’ space that was once a massive to-do list of doom, what goes back ON it?
The short answer is, whatever you prioritize.

How to choose priorities

One of the major things many people need to think about is what they want to prioritize – it is, in most cases, physically impossible to do everything, and a lot of the problem with old to-do lists is knowing what’s really, truly important and what you’ve picked up and can let go.
In general, the most important things for many people are items that further their overall goals – but the problem with stating it that baldly is that many people struggle to name their actual goals.

Goal setting 101

Sometimes the most difficult things to decide when setting your overall goal is what you’re actually hoping to do. Especially for writers – it’s easy to look at our list of wants and think they’re goals – good sales, strong publication results and great reviews aren’t actually goals – they’re results.
So what are goals?

You should set your goals easily and within guidelines that make sense to you. These goals should encompass where you want to be, not the resources that are out of your control.

So, what’s my goal?

My goal as an indie writer, is to be known and to share my books with the world. The problem is, I’ve not done much towards that as yet. I’m ‘known’, but not as an indie writer, not really. Instead, I’m tech support, I’m a writer who helps out on other groups, I’ve ghostwritten.
All of those are great and do contribute to the first part of my goal at least. So, I need to keep that balance and find time for writing too.

What’s your goal?

Whatever your goal is, remember there are communities out there that will help you. Dealing with overwhelm is something that many of us struggle with, but a supportive indie community, like The Indie Author Group is a great place to get support and feedback and see what you’re doing, what you should be doing and how you’ll get there in the end.



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