MIA…and a few ideas

I’ve been MIA for a while.  I’ve had some issues – all personal – that have kept me from writing.
I might talk about some of the deeper stuff that I’ve learned while away, but it’s going to take time to process all of that.
Instead, I thought I’d talk about burnout.
I’ve talked about burnout before, in the past – and I guess now would be a good time to mention that we imported the IndieAuthorCommunity archives this week.  So it’s now here.
That post was written several years ago now, though it feels like a lifetime ago now.  I thought, back then that taking time off would be good for me.  Instead, it didn’t really work out like that.

For a start, time off isn’t really time OFF

One of the major issues I found is that I never, ever actually stopped.  There were projects I couldn’t let go of.  And I probably should have.  This lead to a lot of ill feeling when I eventually discovered that I was uploading stuff to the wrong place/it wasn’t getting to people.  I guess the really sad thing is that it actually lead to anger instead of understanding, but I do kinda understand that – I let people down not processing my burnout properly.  And I can own that.
But here I am, nearly a year and a half later, no further forward in my career (well, that’s not true – people look to me for advice most of the time),  no longer working as an editor (unless it’s for prior clients or by referral) still trying to find my feet as a freelancer.  I’m still looking for a job outside of the home, but I graduated close to two years ago now, so I’m learning all sorts of ways that people can say ‘no thanks’.

Lessons learned

One of the major things I did learn is that I’m valuable – to everyone bar me.  And I know that’s stupid, because I can visualize value for other people.  But I’ve got no time to write and that makes me absolutely, 110% miserable.  So I need to fix that.  I also need to learn that ‘TIME OFF’ means that. And some of this means planning properly, and working through a couple of things.  I’m not quite back from MIA, but I am trying to pick things up again.  I’m also setting up a couple  of new projects – my ‘day’ job is working as a public relations strategist, so I’m working on bringing more od that into the mix, so I’ll be talking about social media strategy alongside other more traditional stuff on this blog.  And though I’ve got no book of (in my own name) to show off yet, that’s going to rapidly change – both fiction and non-fiction as it happens.

In other news

We merged and redirected the Indie Author Community blog onto here – so if you’ve visited IAC or are seeing the posts on the IAC page, I can assure you that we haven’t been hijacked ;).  Also you’ll be seeing Valerie’s posts around midweek, and mine on the weekends 😉

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Kai Wilson-Viola writes under various names, and in all genres. Co-founder and webmistress of the IAG site, she writes content on request of members.
She has written several books including the Ten Hour Marketing Plan and 12x12 - tutorials for social media.
When not writing, she can be found maintaining sites, designing themes, managing a charity called the Less than Three foundation, gaming, knitting or reading.

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