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Distribution of Indo-European languages

Distribution of Indo-European languages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Me, I’m a word freak. I actually look up the etymology – the history and root of words – whether the archaic aught (anything) or ought (duty). I adore Latin and love seeing how a word evolved from Indo-European or Olde English to modern usage. (One of my editors, though, is the real linguistic expert.)

Even so, I have that editor as well as someone who formats my text. Both check my English for me, and ask about any questionable usage. Which I then check. One of my editors did catch me misusing a word so  am I perfect? Do I sometimes mistype? No to the first and yes to the second, that’s why I have someone who not only formats my documents, but catches the errors even my editor misses. Unfortunately, things can occasionally get overlooked. Still, do me a favor? Before you criticize do a spelling and grammar check. You might find something wonderful – a new word! Or an old word with great history!

Readers, what’s the best way to judge a reviewers comments on spelling and grammar? The reviewer themselves. Reviews, like all writing, should be the best example of a reviewer’s skills and should be judged the same.

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