It’s a Writer’s Life for me….

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2 Responses

  1. Kas Thomas says:

    Revision is the Turtle Wax of our endeavor. Revision and cuddles; what better combination of activities to get one through the day.

  2. Jason Derr says:

    I find I can’t live in the same room with a work in progress. It begs too much of my attention. I have to keep my lap top, my list of notes and philisophical framework in another room. It puts a little bit of space between me and the work.

    I also find that writing gets harder the older I get. Somedays I can get a page. Somedays more, much more. Part of that is age, part of that is a 18 hour a day day job that can really suck energy (I usually get a few paragraphs after clients go to bed though).

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