On Amazon’s new review policy…

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  1. OG Tomes says:

    I have been aware of the less than honest and know some personally but out in the swirl of Indie publishing, I have chosen to keep my moral standard and give honest reviews: anything less than a 4 star and I privately contact the author if it is known publicly that I am reading the book with the intent to review it. All I ever expect in return is the very same professional courtesy. What’s just as good as an honest review? Honest feedback. Another side to this coin are the writers who want to do a review but expect you the author to edit it. I still haven’t been able to get that one settled as even remotely right. As for Amazon’s new policy… maybe it will weed out the dishonesty and if you think about… there are many more places than just Amazon to post a review with plenty of exposure.

    • Kai says:

      Less than four stars? Seriously?
      I mean, I can kinda see the point of warning them if it’s one star, or two stars, but less than four? That’s just….
      As for ‘professional courtesy’. It’s pretty much fair to say that if I’m asked to review a book, I’ll review a book. I’ll let the author know what the review was if it’s horrible, but I’m not going to back away from submitting just because of ‘professional courtesy’. And I expect others to review my work just as honestly.

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