If you want something done, (don’t) do it yourself

When it comes to indie publishing, the right way to do it, often, is not to do it yourself. From editing to cover design, formatting and more, there are some things that the average (non-techie, non Photoshop loving) indie writer can’t do – and it shows when they put out their books. Editing – why you shouldn’t […]

On Amazon’s new review policy…

Character, they say, is what you do when nobody sees you, for people who can do you no good. It’s also all you have left when you’ve lost everything else. At least, that’s what I was taught. You didn’t lie, you didn’t cheat, and you didn’t pad your resume. And isn’t that what you do […]

Nanowrimo, writing and amazement

For those of you that missed it, November is the month of Nanowrimo🙂  Among other things. And I for one, love the Nanowrimo.  It’s one of the few times I get to let loose and create the things that make me truly happy.  I love to write, but the amount of time I spend supporting […]