This was, originally, going on my own personal journal, and I guess, it might in some form or another later.
I’ve been *very* quiet lately.  Real life got in the way, I guess (which is a lesson indies might want to pay attention to) and then, when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, real life kinda got into a real life car crash.
Well, we did anyway.

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The central area of the London Underground system shown geographically (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re all ok, though the car is quite a state, and I’m going for therapy..
But, I’ll be fair – I stopped posting long before that – I kinda lost my way.
Which is weird because I’m miss Organised.  I have a plan. I have a year’s plan.  I have a FIVE year plan.  But…well…real life.  *whine*.

The thing is….real life is always there.  Always.  I live in a very complicated world (mostly through circumstance – we have an…interesting family, mostly made interesting by the fact that I’m bipolar.  It’s no secret – I run a site).
I dunno.  Being lost has been one of those things that I’ve kinda fumbled through this time.
So, then we were in a car accident, and I was given a couple of days to find clarity.  Which might have actually been a gift.
Not the car accident.  The car accident means that I’m going to be in therapy for three to six weeks.  WOooO.

But the rest of it….

I looked at my map all over again

My map was this funny whistle-stop tour of all of my books.  I’d stray into ‘Darkness’ country to write Elliot, Morri and Harper for two or three books, send them out to edit, and I’d go off into space for a bit.  I’d take some detours into the hills of smut for Sister Bliss and 21 Doors,  and spend a lot of time in the lake of editing for other clients.  It’s a nice place – there’s a wee house for me to put my own stuff in.

What it really was, was parked in a lake of ‘always running late’.  I’d sneak across the borders at night and write when I could – usually in the bath, instead of reading, which in and of itself was depressing.  Because everything got shunted.
And then we got rear ended and I decided I’d had enough.  I couldn’t keep up any more.   So I took the time off.  Just off.  It helped somewhat that I couldn’t be bothered to mess with the internet where I was staying.


I keep saying this but I dunno.  My first construction was already derailed – Glass Block is still – kinda – in purgatory   Not complaining, really – I got to add something I had to remove because, as it always goes, the book goes towards coming out and i suddenly work it out.
So, I began thinking that maybe – just maybe – I need a better map.

One that has more countries than editing, and copywriting unless I sneak across the border.   Because really, that’s what my map was.
It means less blogging in some places, and more work in other places – it means setting up some new projects, and re-establishing an old.  But it means *more books*.
So, if you’re feeling like you’re lost….perhaps you need to find  your way again.  Maybe with a different map.

Kai was in a car accident on the 19th October.  She’s decided it could have been FAR worse, but wants to ensure that she’s got stuff to occupy her mind for physio, so she’s set up her Nanowrimo ’12 blog.  Stop by and say hi!

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