Welcome to the September 3, 2012 edition of the Indie Author Community Carnival. It is our inaugural carnival, giving people the opportunity to share great links with everyone. For our first edition, we opened it up to only the Indie Author Group, but from here on in, if you’re an indie, you’re welcome to submit! We’d love to hear about your stuff.

We have five categories.
Blog posts – you submit your own blog posts into the system. You’re allowed two links of your own.Blogs of note – Blog posts from others in the community that we respectNew releases – Releasing a new book in the period of the blog carnival? Please list it here. *please note, books must be less than two weeks old to qualify for this category.
Flash and Fiction – Sharing your flash/fiction or poetry online? Give us the blog URL and we’ll send you traffic!
Misc – Doesn’t really fit anywhere else – submit it here and as long as it’s not something we won’t run, we’ll run it!

How do you take part? Sign up for an account at Blog Carnival, click on our carnival URL, and submit the link to your blog post. It’s that easy. Remember, you’re only allowed to share two links – if you share more than that to your own blog, I’ll only run the first two I receive and reject the rest.
Featured this week in the carnival? We’d appreciate a mention on your blog and social media!

blog posts

Our blog posts are some of the best submitted from our commmunity. Each represents an interesting perspective in the indie community. We want to thank everyone for sharing the amazing blog posts. These blog posts have been submitted by their writers.

Padraig Hanratty presents Time Ain’t Gonna Wait posted at QUIPS ‘N’ CHORDS, saying, “A blog post about time and the blues, especially James Alley Blues by Richard Rabbit Brown.”

Denise McGee presents The case for retyping instead of merely editing posted at Denise McGee, saying, “Editing got you down? Try this handy trick.”

David Berger presents Redefining Horror—Can You Face It? posted at TASK FORCE: GAEA – Finding Balance.

Valerie Douglas presents Valerie Douglas – Writer’s Blog: July 2012 posted at Valerie Douglas – Writer’s Blog.

Victoria Grefer presents The DON’TS of Writing posted at The Crimson League.

Victoria Grefer presents What to Note on a First Draft Read-through posted at The Crimson League.

D Kai Wilson-Viola presents You’re not a special sunflower, sorry posted at Two Midlist Indies

Valerie Douglas presents Something really amazing happened at Two Midlist Indies


blogs of note

Our blogs of note are articles submitted by the people other than those that wrote them. These are generally ‘big’ community articles which reflect the pulse of the community.

D Kai Wilson presents Anthony Wessel: Readers Are Still Buying Books In The Same Sales Cycle posted at The Art & Craft of Writing Creatively, saying, “Interesting article on the sales cycle.”

Jess Marques presents Maturity – the difference between the Amateur and Professional at Warrior Writers

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of indie author carnival which will be published on the 17th September. Edition submissions close the Saturday before, but if the submissions are closed, you’ll be featured in the next one 🙂

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