Even I get it wrong sometimes…

So.  Yesterday was supposed to be a lot of this:

Kai and Glass Block on (the) Fire by Kriss Morton (http://thecabingoddess.com)

And less of this:

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously. Yesterday, I was supposed to have Glass Block, with it’s ASIN (Amazon’s assigned number) and doing the party dance, but you know what?  I messed up.

What happened was that on the last edit, I removed something that was explained in a book that should have been out first, and isn’t.

And I could leave it in and go ‘mystery’ and tap my nose, but that’s not my way.  And it changes the whole concept in the book from a gritty action thriller where the walls are made of glass  and….yeah.  OK.

Yesterday I was all prepared to get the book off the ground and good to go.  Today it kinda feels like it was yesterday.

So, I thought I’d share three key tips I ignored, thinking I was superwoman, for indie launches that will NOT piss off your fans, and keep you in the good books of your friends too.

  1.  Book must be UPLOADED before you set the date.  Or if you’ve got a date, your book has to ‘soft launch’ a few days before, because relying on getting it up on the day is a headache.
  2. Get a beta reader that hasn’t read it *ever* to check the final draft and ask questions.  Some of them are ‘that’s explained later,’ but if, like me, you’ve left something crazy in, you might wanna look into fixing it.
  3. Amazon sometimes takes longer than it says to upload and convert books.

Net result?  Scrambling weekend.  Hopefully though, in the next few days it will be:

Kai and Glass Block on (the) Fire by Kriss Morton (http://thecabingoddess.com)

And lots of :


Laughing Baby Benaiah (Smallgroup - April 15, ...

Laughing Baby Benaiah (Smallgroup – April 15, 2008) (Photo credit: Jacob & Kiki Hantla)

Glass Block SHOULD be out Monday, but I’m not holding my breath – you’ll hear me when it is available though.  I’m so excited 😀

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