Shut Up, Smile and Get off the Drama Llama!

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  1. I don’t understand what it is about being an indie author that (a) earns general contempt, and (b) leads to some of these unpleasant behaviours coming your way. My only other experience with indie art was in the theatre, but that was 100% positive and supportive (perhaps because it’s inherently a “team sport”??)

    • i spent YEARS in theatre, indie, off-off B’Way and even on B’Way and like everything else, once people start making money the gloves come off. It’s actually why I left the theatre world. i couldn’t handle the stress.

  2. Agreed. Indie authors definitely need to stick together. Since I write reviews of indie books, I’ve made it my policy to try to point out something good about the book, even if I didn’t enjoy it overall, because sometimes that’s the one thing another reader will really love. I also like to give two or three comparable (preferably indie) books at the end of a negative review, so that readers will walk away with a list of titles to consider, rather than just the thought “Well, that’s another one to avoid.” It helps support the authors that are really doing a good job, as well as pointing out books I’d personally avoid, and reinforces the idea that at the end of the day, a review is just one person’s opinion. Take it or leave it!

    • Thanks Laura, I like the idea of adding a few that you like to the end of reviews. That’s a nice way to balance out the negative reviews. I don’t mind bad reviews personally, so long as they are honest. I got one recently that basically said my book was so well written and so engaging she couldn’t keep reading it because the subject matter was too disturbing. I think that’s an awesome review personally.

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