Talkin about….designers

We opened a thread today on the Indie Author Group. What are the cover designers you’d like to use? Who’s your favourite cover designer? Why do you use them?

Shut Up, Smile and Get off the Drama Llama!

Sometimes I think I’m the only reasonable person left on the internet. I know, it’s funny because we all know I’m batshit crazy, right? And yet… When I left fandom (read Twilight) I really thoughtthatwould mean the drama quotient in my life would go down. I mean really, who’s crazier than a group of 30-40 […]

Starter in ten

We thought we’d do something fun today – so, we’re inviting people to post the first ten sentences of their book or books in the comments. The most interesting one (based on replies/comments) will featureasnext week’s ‘starter in ten sentences’, and the author will be invited to take part in a ten sentence interview. Ready […]

Inspirational images and quotes to share – 20 days of inspiration…

Well, a month really. Five days a week from Monday, I’ll be sharing some inspirational quotes and some thoughts on how to make yourself a better indie writer over on my own blog (Author Interrupted),butto start with, I thought I’d share this one here…. So – go out there and do stuff so that you […]

Indie Author Blog hop closing

It is with regret that we announce that all Indie author blog hop projects, ran by the group, will be closed. There will be no further projects, including the webring, in place until autumn minimum.Thankyou for your participation. If you reached this post via a placement on a blog, please let the owner know that […]

Mini Easter Hop – Saturday – check out the freebies!

Got a bumper crop for the last day of the hop for all of our readers. All of these books feature authors from the Indie Author Group – if you’d like to join them, come check out the group! Elena DeRosa-The Valentine’s Day Curse (US) (UK) Saturday, April 7th – Valerie Douglas -Dirty Politics […]

Editing 101 – The Basics

First, this document was never intended to replace a good editor. (Good editor defined – i.e. one who works with you, who suggest rather than insists, and who occasionally doles out compliments. They are not your friend, they are the defender of your precious baby – your book – first and foremost, by making sure […]

Easter Freebie hop day 1 – Friday listings!

The Indie author group is proud to present free ebooks by our members for the Easter break. All books are free, as far as IAG knows, at the date listed – please look at the dates before buying – somearefree for four days, some are free for one. Check back tomorrow for another listing – […]


Action/Adventure – stories where there is an element of danger and risk. This category often overlaps the others, so that you have a fantasy novel with lots of adventure, or an adventure story withamystery. Comic or Graphic Novel – a fairly new category which includes the art as well as the story writing Contemporary – […]

Vaginal Vernacular – How to Write Porn

(Originally published at Fighting Monkey Press) You read that right, we’re talking about writing and vaginas here on my blog today. Remember, Fighting Monkey Press is for the 18 and over crowd. Ifthat’snot you, bugger off, you shouldn’t be reading this. Now before you get offended please say the most offensive word you can think […]