Got a tip to share? Want to take part in an anthology?

One of the major projects that the IAG group wanted to undertake and the moderators feel really strongly about is getting information out there to other writers and giving them the tools to succeed.
So,we’regoing to put together an anthology, with royalty shares for all of the authors that take part (split equally on a percentage based on their final, edited word count).

We’re featuring the key points here:• All editing time will be donated, as will the basic cover design, and upload and formatting.• All authors will get equal billing in promotion.• A board of moderators will choose the content that we eventually run – if a moderator contributes, or one of those donating other aspects of the book, another moderator will be asked to decide whether the piece fits the anthology.We’re still putting together the final touches on this, but if you’d like to take part, please comment below!

Kai Wilson-Viola writes under various names, and in all genres. Co-founder and webmistress of the IAG site, she writes content on request of members.
She has written several books including the Ten Hour Marketing Plan and 12x12 - tutorials for social media.
When not writing, she can be found maintaining sites, designing themes, managing a charity called the Less than Three foundation, gaming, knitting or reading.

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