I’m a completely new author…halp?

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*editor’s note – I’m delighted to welcome our sarcmistress on board.  A round of applause to Althea Hack!  An anonymous blogger who wants to share some ‘down home’ truths about the Indie Author Community.

Tap tap.  Is this thing on?

One of the biggies I constantly get asked is what to do if you’re a brand new, mint out of the box (gah, you’re no longer pristine!) author.  But, before I can even give advice, I usually have to ask a couple of probing questions.

How new is new, exactly?

In many cases, it’s difficult to know what advice to give to brand new authors.  Mostly because if your’e absolutely brand new and you’ve stumbled across me or someone that referred you to me, I salute your leet skills.  So the question becomes, ‘are you new to the indie community, or just writing?’.

New to the Indie community in general

These rare souls, of which I’ve encountered two so far, are few and far between.  What most people mean when they say they’re a new author is they’ve been in some other aspect of the community, like editing, or cover design, or reviewing and have now moved into writing.  And that’s great!
But oh my lordie you’re going to get a culture shock.

New writers, old hands

Being a new writer is cool.  Waking up every morning and creating new worlds, or new perspectives rocks.  Doesn’t it?
Well, it does and it doesn’t.  Wait till you’ve been doing it for a few years – sometimes it sucks massive….ahem.   And other days it’s a riot, where all you’re doing is drinking latte and quaffing everything you can think of, and cheering on your brilliance.  I’d hang on to those days and the early ones if I were you – as soon as you get your first round of edits back, you’re going to deflate faster than a balloon with a hot pin inserted.  Just remember not to go off with a bang.

So, in the spirit of helpfulness, I’m going to share some of my tres awesome advice about being that completely new author, alongside the wonderful

, and Kai.  I’m going to do it anonymously though, so you’re not sending hate mail to my Facebook et al.

Got questions?

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