Changes afoot

IAC has always been determined to create and produce the best content for the indie author community.  And starting today, we will be providing more for our readers.

Our first, major commitment is bringing several blogs all together.  Starting this week, Advertising for Authors, Forensic Linguistics, Selfpublishingstepbystep and Indie Author Community will be publishing at least one post (between them) per day.  In a few weeks, we’ll also add the ‘Indie Author Project’ to the roster – once the details for that has been finalised.

The Indie Author community, as a whole (not just the site) is in flux, and we want to be on the leading edge of that.  So, we’re adding all of the information you could need.

Select posts from other blogs will also syndicate over, but our biggest new move is prominent subscription options.  Including the option to subscribe on Amazon!  There’s a trial subscription coming too – watch this space!

Most importantly, though – we’re offering information – real information that doesn’t involve grandstanding or sharing numbers, or advice that could jeopardise your account.  We’ll provide advice and information that works for YOU.  I think the most important thing though is that we are here for you so if there’s anything you want to see, give a shout and we’ll try to sort out something.

I’d also like to extend a massive thank you to our senior advisor and writer, Valerie Douglas, whose guidance, information and most of all, honesty has begun the foundations of a great site and will continue to offer us information as long as she’s available.  If you’d like to say thank you to her, check out her books – they’re well worth it.

Finally, finally – I’m working towards a serious – and perfect – publication schedule.  Our books, from today, will appear on our bio pages, and in the sidebar of the site.  So please feel free to check em out!

Kai Wilson-Viola writes under various names, and in all genres. Co-founder and webmistress of the IAG site, she writes content on request of members.
She has written several books including the Ten Hour Marketing Plan and 12x12 - tutorials for social media.
When not writing, she can be found maintaining sites, designing themes, managing a charity called the Less than Three foundation, gaming, knitting or reading.

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