Monthly Archive: January 2012

Don’t just sign, read the contract

Everyone has been getting very excited about the new options available to Indie writers – KDP Select and iBooks. I’ve been a little surprised by how few people really understand what they’re getting into, really look at the contracts they’re effectively signing, despite all the fuss some people kicked up...

I’m a completely new author…halp?

*editor’s note – I’m delighted to welcome our sarcmistress on board.  A round of applause to Althea Hack!  An anonymous blogger who wants to share some ‘down home’ truths about the Indie Author Community. Tap tap.  Is this thing on? One of the biggies I constantly get asked is what to do if you’re a […]

ISBNs and barcodes

While it’s easy to see why many indies struggle with some of the elements of putting together the complete package that is your final, printed and released book, one of the things that many overlook is the barcode, generated from their ISBN. I’ve been very lucky that I’m extremely interested in barcodes – in fact, […]

Changes afoot

IAC has always been determined to create and produce the best content for the indie author community.  And starting today, we will be providing more for our readers. Our first, major commitment is bringing several blogs all together.  Starting this week, Advertising for Authors, Forensic Linguistics, Selfpublishingstepbystep and Indie Author...