Should You Quit the Day Job?

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  1. Thanks Valerie,
    I’ve been debating the day job issue ever since I started my day job. Maybe it’s easier because I work in retail and jobs there are a dime a dozen and pay about that. Maybe it’s because that was the plan when I got married and got sidetracked by life. I have six months to plan the transition. I doubt most people take that long, but it is what it is. You make some good points and I am sure there will be complications, but I used to be a writer and I think inside I’ve always been a writer and I can’t keep playing at a job that eats at my soul much longer. I guess that’s why I can do this–I don’t have a real choice.

    • That’s when you know it’s the right decision to make, and the reason I made mine. We planned for at least six months, until I couldn’t bear it. Still, the transition wasn’t always easy but I’ve never regretted it.
      Good luck on your journey!

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