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Place and date   Multi published Author Valerie Douglas is dipping her toes into sizzling, breathtaking thrillers again with her latest book, Nike’s Wings.  Available from Labour Day weekend, this book will set your heart racing and pull you into a world of desperate intrigue.  A substantial read pulls you into the heart of redemption, trust and honour.


Against a backdrop of current events, this fantastic novel takes you deep into the world of ‘Nike’, an assassin’s assassin – one of the inner circle that takes down those that have become too dangerous to remain out in the world.  Nike’s Wings isn’t the usual take on the now traditional leather clad kick-ass heroine with nerves of steel, Nike is an empathic, interesting, engaging character, with a flawed personality that makes her all the more relatable.
Trained by the CIA, she walked away when her conscience started asking questions she could not comfortably answer. The chance has come to find a new direction, one that may bring her face to face with an old enemy. Torn from today’s headlines, follow Nike from the jungles of South America, to the war-torn Middle East, and back to the home-grown battle with the Mexican drug cartels.

Valerie Douglas said “What was the strangest thing for me about Nike’s Wings was learning how much of what I imagined might have existed in reality, exactly as I proposed it, right down to the secret  group within the CIA,” and continued “My success as an Indie author has let me explore new storylines, and given me the freedom to lead others into escapes they may not otherwise find,”

Valerie Douglas has published numerous books across several genres, and enjoys chart topping success with her ‘The Coming Storm’ series on Amazon.  Her books are elegantly written, and get to the heart of the story, while giving readers characters to root for, believe in and revile.  Designed to set pulses racing, and create dramatic worlds for readers to explore, Valerie Douglas is a strong writer that will go far.

Missed out for Labour Day ? You can still grab all of her books from,,, and

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If you’d like to contact or interview the Valerie Douglas please contact her at [email protected]

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