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May 25, 2016 – 8:35 pm | No Comment

We don’t often feature these products on the group blog, but this is one designed for indie authors, and it doesn’t have affiliate links AND you can donate 10% to charity, so we thought we’d see how it went.
Storybundle and HumbleBundle feature products in ‘bundles’ at a significant amount of money off, and if you’re looking to study or intake information, this bundle is a …

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It Takes a Village

February 13, 2015 – 9:04 pm | No Comment

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “It Takes A Village” in reference to raising kids. I think it’s true in terms of growing an author, too! We need support, encouragement, advice, and sometimes a helping hand.
Writing can be a lonely and solitary endeavor. A writer spends so much time alone with nothing but her thoughts and a computer. When I’m deep into a book …

On Amazon’s new review policy…

November 6, 2012 – 10:23 am | 2 Comments

Character, they say, is what you do when nobody sees you, for people who can do you no good. It’s also all you have left when you’ve lost everything else. At least, that’s what I was taught. You didn’t lie, you didn’t cheat, and you didn’t pad your resume. And isn’t that what you do when you give yourself a good review? Especially when you …